BBQ DIY, oven outdoor is suitable

Grilled meat is probably the most primitive way of cooking for humans. From the moment the original people tasted the baked beast meat, the taste buds of human beings have engraved this wonderful taste, and they have been with each generation for generations. Today's barbecue is not only a process of enjoying food, but also a way of life for human society to link interpersonal relationships, expand contacts, and bring joy. Nothing is a roasting list that can't be solved. If so, please eat two meals. What I recommend to you today is the way to make kebabs in the oven, which is the family barbecue. Mainly used beef and chicken, with different colored peppers, a bit like the style of European and American BBQ. The meat is marinated in advance. If you use the oven, remember to brush the sauce in the middle. If it is an outdoor barbecue, add some salt or it will be perfect.